box #1 will contain an assembly of things that are loosely related including, but not limited to: films, photographs, songs, texts / when completed, it will be on view and for sale on this page / an inventory of the contents, along with artists' names will be published

cage was at york in 76:

February 26, 1976. Toronto, Ontario, York University. John Barton, Michael Barton, David Grymes, Andrew Jerryson, James Montgomery, James Rosenberger, Keith C. Sokol, Peter Anson, Jay Bowen, Miguel Frasconi, Jon Higgins, Richard Manichiello, Vincent Murphy, David Rosenboom, Richard Teitelbaum, speaking voices, singing voices and instruments; Maryanne Amacher, realization of reel tapes, gave first performance of Lecture on the Weather; Cage's participation or attendance uncertain. (I was there and shook his hand.)

1001 typewriter strokes from the 10 thunderclaps in Finnegans Wake
Dictation, Olympia Deluxe, October 27, 2010